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How to Get a Free Air Conditioner

Slice the catch phrase anyway you like: free air conditioning, cheap air conditioner, air conditioning almost for free, have an air conditioner that pays for itself, finally an A/C system that pays you back. Free, free, free, free ,free……….

Enough! Enough advertising overdrive  and enough false promises with nothing to back them up. While it is true that new conditioning will save you so much in operating costs that your system will be free over time, that is not a free air conditioner.



All Air Conditioning Companies Are Not Alike.

Number one air conditioning contractorYour central air conditioner is probably the most expensive appliance you’ll ever buy for your home (unless you opted for electronic refrigerator or 80 inch plasma).  And since you’ll be living with it for the next 10 to 20 years, it only makes sense to pick out a good one and avoid the nightmares.

According to the California State Energy Commission (confirmed in other State studies) the average air conditioning system is only meeting 57% of its rated efficiency and the average air conditioning output of new air conditioners in btus is less than 75% of their full rated output.

That means that a whole lot of people are paying more money to get less A/C cooling and running their new air conditioners longer hours for less comfort. Sometimes the facts really point out some serious flaws in our construction market and most of time those flaws are paid for by the consumers.

Are You That Consumer?

There are many reasons why a new air conditioning system will not perform the way the manufacturer designed it perform and almost all of those reasons are directly related to the type and quality of the installation by the air conditioning company. Here are the 5 most important things to know before you buy a new air conditioner.

Print this A/C checklist before you have a service technician come to your home

your new air conditioning will perform better if you know what to ask for1.  Waste not – want not.

A great many air conditioning systems are replaced because they have broken down. This doesn’t mean that they need to be replaced. Many can be fixed to run better than they ever did before and most repairs are relatively cheap. Many times a new conditioning system improperly installed can cost as much or more than the old A/C system to operate. Giving us a call now and setting up an appointment for free whole house air conditioning system evaluation is your first step in home A/C comfort and smaller utility payments each month. Save money by giving us a call at (877) 247-6426.

Air Conditioners don't have to cost alot of money2.  Your New A/C System…the money pit.

Your new air conditioner isn’t a boat and you shouldn’t have to keep throwing money in it to keep it afloat. Read the warranties and guarantees that come with your new system. Upon reading the nonexistent guarantees that most HVAC companies have in writing you’ll discover that many of those companies are not looking after your best interests. They end up nickel and dime-ing you to death after the sale and installation. Demand rock solid guarantees that put you in charge. Demand a written agreement that the HVAC company will protect your floors, tile and carpets, will thoroughly clean up after the installation and will give you a year to change your mind about the installation. Demand 10 years parts and labor on the A/C installation and make sure that guarantee covers the entire installation, not just the furnace and air conditioner like most air conditioner warranties.

air conditioning should be cool and dry not cold and clammy3.  Cold and clammy.

Just because your old A/C is a certain size doesn’t mean that your new A/C should be the same size air conditioning system. The majority of central air conditioners installed for homes are oversized by at least ½ ton. Air conditioners that are oversized by a ton or more put a chill in the air, but don’t remove the proper amount of water from the air. This leaves the home with a cold clammy feeling rather than a cool dry comfortable feeling. Too big an air conditioner is every bit as bad as too small an air conditioner. Call us at (877) 247-6426 and we can provide you with a free whole home central air conditioning evaluation that can provide you with valuable information to achieve the proper air conditioning climate system.

The best air conditioner will fail if not installed properly4.  Brand envy.

You’ve been inundated with big brand awareness campaigns for years. You’ve been subjected to massive advertising budgets advertising that XYZ company is the best on the planet and brand YZX is best. Here is a ‘little secret” the majority of the brands don’t want you to hear. American Standard has consistently outscored all the other brands in performance for longer than the last decade. It has shown that it breaks down the least number of times and, quite frankly, an air conditioning home comfort system that breaks down provides no comfort at all. But, brand isn’t the number one factor in the performance and operational health of your new air conditioner. Only about 20% of the total air conditioning performance you’re going to get is the result of the brand of air conditioning you choose. That’s right, only about one fifth of your new air conditioning system’s comfort is going to come from the air conditioning manufacturer. The other 80% of home comfort and A/C performance is a direct result of the training, certification and care provided by the air conditioning installer and the technician that sized and matched up that A/C system to your needs, your family’s needs and your home’s heating and cooling gains and losses.

High SEER air conditioners can save your nest egg5.  For you and your Family’s Protection. 

You must DEMAND a plain language written 100% Money Back Guarantee For Any Reason or No Reason at All. This is the only type of guarantee that is going to protect you from making a mistake in purchasing a new home air conditioning system. How do you know how your new heating system is going to perform in the sniffling, sneezing fall weather unless you have actually used your new air conditioning and heating system during that time? Don’t you have to actually use your new furnace and comfort controls during the cold, clammy dry itchy winter season to see if it does what was promised? Once your new air conditioning and air cleaning system survives through a allergy ridden spring season only then will it be seasoned and what about the hot and muggy summer season. Can you possibly know in advance that your new air conditioning system is going to work on the hottest of days when you haven’t subjected it to the test of the hottest of days? Your guarantees in plain English writing put you in charge. Give us a call for a free in home evaluation of your current heating and air conditioning problems and will let you know, we’ll let you know how comfortable your new air conditioner and new heater can be when you are in charge. Call now (877) 247-6426.

Want to know more about warrantees and guarantees, real and pretend, click here.

Let’s get back to that FREE Air Conditioning myth

Statement:      Your air conditioning is free because your utility bills will pay for it.

Is it true:  

The best way to prove this true or false is to actually do the math. If you have and older system, 8 to 10 years old or older, then your air conditioning system probably started out as a 10 SEER. Since all air conditioners tend to wear out as they are used they suffer performance losses each year of operation as do all mechanical appliances. Lack of maintenance causes even a greater loss of efficiency. This brings us to the seer rating of your older system. It is most likely no more than a 6 SEER…and that is probably giving it more credit than it’s worth.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (most people get it wrong by stating rating rather than ratio). The SEER rating is the Btu of cooling output during a typical cooling season day divided by the total amount of energy consumed in watts.  

SEER = BTU ÷ Watts

For example, a 60000 Btu air conditioning unit (5 Ton), with a SEER of 6, operating for a total of 1200 hours during an annual cooling season (Southern California average) would provide an annual total cooling output of:

60000 Btu × 1200 = 72,000,000 Btu of cooling on average during the year

With a SEER of 6, the annual electrical energy usage in watts would be about:

72,000,000 Btu ÷ 6 = 12,000,000 Watts (this is watts used for the entire year)

If the electrical rates per watt is $0.14 (Our structured rates enable it can go as high as $0.27) the amount of money sunk into utility bills for air conditioning is $1680 every year.
Using the same numbers we’ll calculate out projected air conditioning savings in electrical use:

6 ÷ New Seer × 1680 = predicted new bill

13 SEER = $775 for a yearly savings of $905
14 SEER = $720 for a yearly savings of $960
15 SEER = $672 for a yearly savings of $1008
18 SEER = $560 for a yearly savings of $1120
20 SEER = $504 for a yearly savings of $1176


So what does this really mean? If you currently swapped out your old 6 SEER air conditioner and replaced it with a new 20 SEER Ultimate air conditioning system over the next 10 years of A/C use you would save somewhere in the area of $11,760 in utility bills on just the outdoor unit. This is without the scheduled increases in electric rates.

What about air conditioning breakdowns? I think it’s safe to say that you will pay on average at least $200 a year in repairs for your existing old HVAC system? During some of the years you’ll spend nothing to maintain your old air conditioner and other years you may be spend a lot to keep that old beast of an air conditioner humming along. When air conditioners age, they breakdown more often. Your air conditioner savings comes in here because every system that we install comes with a free 10 years parts and labor guarantee that states just so long as we are allowed to maintain your unit each year we will not let you pay a single penny in repairs. This guarantee is in writing on your agreement in plain English. That means you save $200 a year for repairs for the next 10 years adding another $2,000 in savings?

Free air conditioning tune up$13,760 in savings over 10 years for New Air Conditioning

So, yes, your new home comfort system, heating and air conditioning, will actually pay for itself and therefore your new air conditioner really is free.


Air conditioning training is the key  to A/C competenceCompetence and Training
I believe that we are the only contractor in the greater Los Angeles-Orange County area that actually has dedicated classroom to air conditioning technician heating and cooling procedures. Systems have been set up, overhead projectors, power point displays and diagnostic gear at the ready, our classroom is second to none. Not even those HVAC technical schools have a classroom that can simulate real world problems to be resolved that we can. This is one of the many reasons that when we have factory training, the factory trainers come to us and use our facility. We are Comfort Certified. Call toll free @ 1-877-247-6426

Your air conditioning is guaranteed to work properlyGuarantees and Warranties
Over the years what we have learned about what people want is that people want peace of mind. They want to know that when they choose us as their comfort provider that we’re going to deliver exactly what it is that we say we’re going to deliver. That there’s no chance that you’re taking a risk, that there’s no chance that you could be making a mistake in choosing us, that there’s no way that you can lose in choosing us to perform these services for you today. Because of this need for Peace of Mind we offer rock solid guarantees.
Call toll free @ 1-877-247-6426

You'll be 100% Satisfied with your new air conditioner100% Satisfaction Guarantee
What our 100% satisfaction guarantee says is that if you are not 100% satisfied with what we’ve performed, then we’ll make any modification necessary, any modification required, to gain your 100% satisfaction, up to and including replacing the equipment or refunding your money, all of your money. It’s not just our goal, 100% Satisfaction; it’s your right as a consumer. If you’re not satisfied, were not satisfied. Call toll free @ 1-877-247-6426

Home Comfort Guarantee
What our guarantee says is that on a minus 10 degree day, your home will maintain, plus or minus 3 degrees of 70 degrees. That’s right, we put it in writing on the invoice. On a 95 degree day, your home is going to maintain, plus or minus 3 degrees of 75 degrees. We are the only company in town that guarantees that our systems will do exactly what we say.
Call toll free @ 1-877-247-6426

Your air conditioner will never be a lemonNo Lemon Cooling Guarantee
If your compressor, the main component is your A/C, fails two times in the first 5 years we are not just going to replace that compressor with a new one, something just about every company does, we are going to remove the complete outdoor condensing unit and replace it with a brand new complete unit. No one deserves a lemon. Call toll free @ 1-877-247-6426

No Lemon Heating Guarantee
If the heat exchanger or firebox fails in the first 10 years we will replace the entire furnace for you at no charge. No shipping, no handling, no warranty and no labor charges whatsoever. This includes code required upgrades. No charge means absolutely no charge. No other company offers this rock solid guarantee. Call toll free @ 1-877-247-6426

Free air conditioning for up to 365 days365 Day Test Drive
We want you to test drive your New Home Comfort System through all four seasons to make sure that it meets and exceeds all of your expectations. You’ll be using your new Home Comfort System through the cold and clammy winter season, you’ll get to drive through the sneezing, sniffling asthma season, spring, you’ll get to cruise through the hot and muggy "I can’t sleep at night" summer season and finally your going to be able to triumph through the cold and flue season, fall. After you’ve passed through all of these seasons only then do have to make a decision. If you're not satisfied with the performance of the system, if for any reason or if for no reason whatsoever you are not satisfied with this system, give us call and we will refund 100% of your investment and we’ll give you interest. Why do you think no other company will give you this type of guarantee? Call toll free @ 1-877-247-6426

After we install your air conditioner your home will be as clean or cleaner when we leaveProperty Protection Guarantee
If anything is accidentally damaged, a professional will repair it. We’re not going to be driving down to the Home Center parking lot and pick up someone to bring to your home. You will have a properly licensed, a properly insured and properly bonded professional perform the repair. Once the repair is done to your satisfaction, then and only then do you have to make your investment in your new Home Comfort System. With a guarantee like this do you think that we will be sloppy or do you think that we’ll Treat your Property Carefully? We're the only ones making this kind of guarantee. Call toll free @ 1-877-247-6426

Your air conditioner comes with a 10 year parts and labor guarantee10-10-10 Guarantee
If we perform the maintenance on your heating and cooling system for the first years then you will have no out pocket repairs costs whatsoever. If anything breaks, we'll fix it or replace totally at our expense. You may never pay for a repair again. Isn't that peace of mind?
Call toll free @ 1-877-247-6426


"...We appreciated your attention to detail, your knowledge of the product, your safe, clean up practices around the job site and your daily courteous communication...."


Debbie Hathaway


"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new air conditioning, heater and air cleaning system. I have no regrets about purchasing the system..."


Rebecca Gomez


"I walked upstairs and there he was vacuuming for me when he didn't have to.....Thank you all-it was a pleasure doing business with Empire and it's people.

ps. I've already seen almost a 50% reduction on my electric bill from last year and the air cleaner or purifier has cut down my dusting almost in 1/2"


Cynthia Morgan


Guarantees Save you Money

Do you want a free American Standard furnace?















If you have been told that you need a new air conditioner by any other contractor give us a call and we will give you a FREE 2nd OPINION. We'll go over your entire system step by step and give you a comprehensive report so that you can make and educated decision as to repair or replace your air conditioning system and we'll do this for FREE. Coupon

You must be your own advocate when it comes to new heating, free heaters and air conditioners. Learn all you can, save even more every day.

Air conditioning comfort starts with your phone call to us. We won't let you down. Call now (877) 247-6426

Your air conditioning tune up is the first step in controlling the quality of your indoor air.














Learn more about duct cleaning and indoor air quality by clicking here.

Is your air conditioning system capable of reducing or eliminating the three danger levels of indoor air pollution? Study and study has shown that the air inside the average home is upwards of 5 times more polluted than the air outside the home.

A good place to start down the road to clean air recovery is have the Empire Family of Services perform an air conditioning and heating tune up for you. You have three filters in your air conditioning system. The first filter is the filter inside the furnace or return air chamber. We clean that one during your air conditioning tune up. The second filter is inside the evaporator coil. The evaporator is wet the entire time the air conditioning is running. When dirt and debris make it past your first air conditioning filter they can become trapped on the moist sticky surface of the evaporator coil creating a breeding ground for indoor air pollution.

We’ll take of that with a thorough cleaning during your air conditioning tune up. The dirt and pollutants that make it past your second air filter, the indoor evaporator coil, pass through your ducting and into the airstream of the home where they can get caught in your third air filter, your lungs.
An A/C tune up helps to keep your lungs clean








Why not take care of your lungs and your health by starting down the road to clean air recovery is to have the Empire Family of Services perform your air conditioning tune up today. Give us a call at (877) 247-6426 and book your ticket to clean air recovery now.


A home heating and air conditioning system that breaks down is no comfort at all.


Guarantees and warranties protect you to the limits of what is written. For a better understanding of the benefits and limitations of guarantees click here.


A home heating and air conditioning system that breaks down is no comfort at all.

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The Empire Difference

  • Experienced, factory-trained,  and Comfort Certified technicians specializing in installation and service.
  • A dedicated fleet of more than 50 service vehicles pre-loaded with the necessary supplies.
  • A large inventory of materials and parts.
  • Up-front honest pricing guarantees.
  • Removal of old equipment at no additional cost.
  • Drop cloths and carpet protectors that leave work areas neat and clean upon each job’s completion.
  • Quality time tested heating and cooling products at the best dollar value.

This combination of services, combined with our Low-Low prices, is why most of our customers choose Empire over the competition for air conditioning repairs and air conditioning tune ups. We are your HVAC company.

- Jim Eichman, President Empire Family of Services


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Why not take advantage of these savings coupons right now by giving us a call at (877) 247-6426. with our guarantees and warranties there is simply no possible way you could be making a mistake by having us help you with your home improvement challenges including an air conditioner tune up..

Free duct cleaning with a new furnace installation

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Freon for air conditioning systems

R22 Freon is no longer used in new air conditioning systems. The newer Freon is R410a.

R410a is also named Puron by the Carrier corporation. It is the Freon of choice for all new residential air conditioning systems.

More care and therefore more training is needed when adding and charging Freon air conditioning systems with R410a. It is not as forgiving as R22. The pressure exerted in the system can exceed 500psi and if the Freon lines and Freon system is not properly cleaned of all contamination before charging the air, moisture and oils that can accumulate inside the air conditioning system can actually cause mini-explosions inside the copper lines carrying the Freon from the outdoor condensing unit to the indoor evaporator coil.

These explosions are not dangerous to you, at least physically, but they can and will cause a premature breakdown of the compressor and will also hamper the air conditioners ability to cool your home.


Honored with awards more than any other HVAC company in Southern California


Widely recognized as a leader in the industry the Empire Family of Services is here to serve your needs.




Excellent air conditioning service is recognized by all



We've been around since 1992 serving tens of thousands of clients just like you in homes just like yours. We have the experience and the know how to solve your heating and air conditioning problems the first time and we can do it ensuring that you spend the least amount of money possible.


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Visit our glossary and discover the language of heating and air conditioning.

Learn about the differences in Freon and what is in store in the future for your new air conditioning and new heating systems.

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duct cleaning should be performed when the ducts are dirty

Spring cleaning is a misnomer. If you furnace needs to be cleaned, if your air conditioner needs to be cleaned it should be serviced now. Waiting until a certain time of year is foolish because........

- Jim Eichman, President Empire Family of Services

duct cleaning should not be performed by carpet cleaners

Be careful when you have your ducts cleaned. There are many companies that end up causing more problems than they solve. Some of these problems are......

- Jim Eichman, President Empire Family of Services